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The full works service is a golden service. Starts with a brush out, wet bath and conditioning treatment, nails checked and cut if needed, ears are checked, cleaned and hair removed if needed. A leave-in conditioning treatment is added plus any style of grooming or trimming needed. This can be anything from a show trim to hand stripping, finished with a spritz spray. Added extras are little bows put on your poochies collars and a doggy goody bag full of your pets favourite sweets.

Full Works

Mini Pamper

Mini Spa.jpg

Wet bath and conditioning treatment with a blow-dry and fluff up. Also including a mini groom with a leave-in conditioning treatment, trimming around paws, pads, faces/eyes and bum. Nails will also be trimmed if needed and finishing off with a spritz spray.  Recommended in between appointments for fluffy coated breeds e.g. cockapoos, bishpoos, cavapoos etc. 

Dry Trim

A trim that is done without your pooch having a bath. It also includes having their nails checked and clipped if needed. This package usually takes less time than a full works appointment due to skipping the bathing time. Recommended for poochies who may not be able to have a bath due to an operation or have any underlying health issues that may cause them to be stressed. 

V.I.P.P Room

This package includes everything within the dry trim package, however, is done normally later in the afternoon due to your pooch having the full attention of the groomer. It is a trim without a bath and is ideal for those who are very nervous and/or have medical issues as it is done in a quieter room with no distractions. This package usually takes less time then a full works appointment due to not having a bath. To find out more click 


Brush and Spray

A brush out with conditioning spray suitable for those who are prone to matting in-between appointments. It does not include a bath. 

Just a Bath

Wet bath, de-flee, conditioning treatment, blow dry and spritz spray. This package is subject to coat condition e.g. being knot free. Most suitable for shorter hair breeds with fleas. 

Flea Treatment Bath

Bath Only.jpg

Wet bath and conditioning treatment with a blow-dry also a finishing spritz spray. Suitable for short haired breeds. This package is subject to coat condition e.g. being knot free. 

Doggy Head Massage & Facials

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We can cut all animals nails while while you wait. ( dog, cat, rabbits or guinea pigs)





๐Ÿฉ No job too tuff no dog too ruff ๐Ÿฉ

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