⚠️COVID 19 - Update⚠️ 


Hi everyone its been a very long few weeks I hope you are all well,

Update February 27th  on the new road map for coming out from lockdown.

We have not had any news on anything changing as of yet, but I’m aware a lot of other groomers have started to reopen so from this Monday coming,  March 1st, I will be starting to take in any dogs on our records known to us to have any underlying health problems. In an attempt to ease the pressure for when we are able to continue as the new normal, these  appointments  will be for the dogs welfare and must only be booked in if we feel that the dog or cats welfare is compromised from not attending an appointment. Animals that will qualify will only be:-

From Monday March 1st

💚 Underlying health problem,( heart problems, diabetes, any other life threatening condition)

💚 The very old and vulnerable/ OAP’s

💚Long nails (know to be ingrowing if not cut)

💚 Long facial hair around eyes (known to cause infection if not attended too)

💚Ears  known to get recurring infections from not been clean or hair removed 

💚 Skin allergies (where the dogs skin needs medical treatment from bathing regularly and the fur needs to be kept short or the dog needs regular bathing with vet recommended shampoo)

From Wednesday March 24th

💚 Sanitary reasons (where fur is to long around bum and private part of dogs and cats causing discomfort)

💚Long thick coated breeds (known to get matted and very knotty) that left unattended will cause stress and discomfort to the animal

💚Puppies under 9 months (where the need of routine and desensitisation is essential for long term grooming)

From April 15th

💚New account customers. We can only take on new customers from this date. Should you feel your dog or cat needs attention before this date because they fall into the other categories and need attending to please contact us we will need photo proof via email, text or vets referral letter. We will try to help the best we can.

We are hoping to be back to some sort of normal working hours and intakes with our usual  (well as much as it can be ) amount per day and for all other dogs that need a pamper I.e.  Baths, grooms, wash and sets etc. .

If you feel your dog or cat falls into any of these categories please call or text to book a slot.

There will be limited slots to help space out the intake and to also allow time for cleaning and disinfecting in all areas of the salon. Please  make sure we keep to social distancing  when dropping off and collecting your pet .

I ask that all customers to make sure they are wearing a mask while dropping off or collecting, so that you are protecting yourselves  as-well as myself and staff.

It’s just a simple drop off and go any other questions or enquiries must be done over the phone or by text to limit time in the reception.

I may already have text or called a few customers, if so you may already have your appointment time.  This will  still be  okay and will be going ahead unless we text or call in otherwise

Thanks again I’m hoping you can all still bare with me throughout this time and hopefully things can get back to normal ASAP.

Thanks again,

Sarah, Pampered Poochies

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Dog & Cat Grooming Studio


We are a dog and cat grooming service. We were established in 1997. We can be a mobile service to where we groom your dog or cat in the comfort of there own home. I have been grooming since 1993 with years of experience help and handy tips on grooming.

We are only a call or text away and always glad to help where we can. We do a full service from a wet bath with a conditioning treatment, we clip nails, check clean and remove hair from ears and any style of grooming and trimming your pet may needs. We also do show trimming and hand stripping as well


🐩No job too tuff no dog to ruff 🐩



The Coach House is located in-between 2 houses which sits back. There is a drive which leads to the salon.

There is plenty of space to turn around and plenty of car parking spaces, located outside the main door or the black roller shutter door, Please DO NOT block the drive or the other garage's as they are in constant use


This is the stump at the end of the drive, on your passenger side, that is catching some drivers out it is only approximately 2 ft tail when turning to sharply from the road


This picture shows how far down cobden street we are

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Please call the mobile number below to check availability

Mon: 09:00 - 12:00 

Tue: 09:00 - 17:30

Wed: 09:00-17:30

Thu: 09:00-17:30

Fri: 09:00 - 18:00

Sat: 08:00 - 18:00

Sun: Closed 

Our Address - The Coach House, Cobden Street, Wollaston, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 3RU

Tel 01384 310478 or 07812 357872