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Cat Golden Oldies

Older Cats 

All cats need to have a groom, even the older ones. 

As cats get older they start to get very lazy, not just with playing,

eating or going out but with grooming too. 

We see a lot of our elderly cats as "golden oldies". We class a cat 10 years and above as an elderly cat, however, here at Pampered Poochies we get cats as old as 21 years old. We find that they still love to be groomed and we can see that it cheers them up and makes them feel a lot better for it. 

cat 3.jpg

What we see...

As cats start to get older they start to spend more time just eating and sleeping, what will then encourage them to get knots on their sides and back legs, as well as under their belly and necks which is always full of food too. You will also begin to see a lot of dry flaky skin. 

What grooming and trimming we do?

With elderly cats, we know that most knots will groom out the same way that they did when they were younger. 

In some cases, we may need to shave possibly under their belly and around their back end. This will help with their hygiene around that area. We can also thin out their bib and around their neck to help stop their food from getting stuck in there because they probably don't have many teeth left. 

cat 1.jpg
cat 2.jpg

Dry Skin 

Dry skin is very common in most elderly cats, and this is because they would have stopped bothering with washing themselves and trying to keep clean what can result in you seeing dry, flaky skin. This flakiness appears because when cats normally wash themselves with their tongue it acts as a brush what then grooms their coat out and stimulates the oils in the skin and coat to help keep it soft and silky. This results in them not knotting up and having a healthy coat and skin. 


Due to cats no longer wanting to go out we find their nails suffer from this and grow long, sharp and twice as thick. This will be because they no longer use their scratch post or go out and attack trees as a result of this we can trim these for you.


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