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Bundle of Fluff

So, you got yourself a puppy, well we are here to help, with all your questions on puppy problems from…. Grooming, caring, training and feeding your new pup. We have designed lots of different puppy packages to tailor to your puppies grooming needs. We try not to shave any puppy before the age of 12 to 18 months, this give the coat time to grow, thicken up and change not only in texture but sometimes in colour as well,


I believe where possible to help get your puppy used to the whole grooming prosses we try to get them in as soon as possible and as often as possible. We recommend as often as every 4 weeks from 4 months of age until around 12 to 18 months, like everything in your young puppies live routine is everything so to be groomed this is to be a way of live to them so it needs to be a fun, safe and happy playful place to come.


We can help and advise you on any style of grooming and trimming even down to grooming techniques and methods to help you keep your pup in pristine condition. We can recommend how often your pup needs grooming and what style of trim would suit your pup’s lifestyle needs for when they are older.

We want to help and advise you on their coat change, growth and manageability as they grow. We do not want to end up having to shave them off unnecessary or before for there time

We recommend bringing a toy and some of their favourite treats in order to make the experience more fun and enjoyable for them so they associate us with rewards.


Wet bath, conditioning treatment with a blow dry and mini groom, trimming around their eyes, feet and bums, just the basic which gets them used to us and the whole grooming experience. (Time on table 1h)

PP 4-6months 1.jpg
PP 4-6months.jpg
9-12 months pp2.jpg
pp 9-12 months 1.jpg
9-12 months 3.jpg

Wet bath with a conditioner treatment, blow-dry, mini groom, trim face, around eyes, paws pads and around feet, tidy around their bum, nails checked and cut if needed and ears checked cleaned and hair removed if needed. May need a light tidy up on either their back to match their legs or trim on legs to match back. Every pup grows at a different speed (time on table 1h 30 mins)


12+months 3.jpg
12+months 1.jpg
12+months 4.jpg

Puppy Services Studies


Wet bath with a conditioning treatment, blowdry, full groom, face trimmed around eyes, over fringe. start to get shape to the head, may trim beard and top of their head if starting to get the shape, paws pads and around feet, tidy bum under the belly and if their body fur is starting to get out of shape we can lightly trim to help blend it to match their fur on their legs (some grow faster than others )total time 1h 30 mins to 2 hours this will be all done by hand still no clipping. We will probably use chunkier scissors.

pp 6-9months.jpg
pp 6-9mnths.jpg


Wet bath with conditioner treatment blow-dry nails cut ears checked cleaned and hair removed if needed, Grooming and trimming all depends on how long you are now going between appointments this may now start to go from 4 weeks to 6 weeks depending on how much we are trimming off the coat all over from 18 months we now be starting to use the clipper on there backs to do a play/sporting clip which is easier to keep clean, drys quicker after walks and does not need as much grooming between appointments some may still be in a teddy bear or puppy trim which can be a long trim or a short cut done with scissors.

12+months 2.jpg

Trip to the Salon

When your puppy comes in to the salon for their groom we try to make this a fun, happy, playful and stress free time where they can play, explore and socialize with other dogs, this can be very tiring as young puppies often drop off for a pup nap, this we encourage as I feel if they are comfy and relaxed in this environment to be able to go to sleep they will go home a happy pup and above all next time they visit they will hopefully remember their experience and return excited and willing to come for their groom.

TRIP 1.jpg
TRIP 4.jpg
TRIP 3.jpg


Over the last 18 months, we have collected information from different customers regarding puppy grooming.


18 Months ago, we decided to start a new study on puppies being groomed from the age of 4 months. We have never groomed puppies from this young age before. Thanks to the new lowest age range puppy of inoculations, means once they have had their last jabs, at the age of 13 weeks and are able to go on clean walks, they are able to visit us for their first time.


We have seen positive results from doing our new puppy packages in the last 18 months. I have introduced a welcome pup pack, to get the puppies use to us. We have been trying to get them in for their first groom as soon as they have had their last jabs, so any time from 3-4 months of age.


I believe from this early age, where every thing to these little minds, is all brand new, every experience needs to be a good, happy and positive one. They come in for their first bath, dry, groom and trim, have lots of cuddles and play.


We try and then let your pup have a power nap, in order for them to recharge their batteries. If they can drop off to sleep and then wake up with us all happy, this makes a world of difference, and they shall become more relaxed, next time they visit us.


A year later, none of these pups shouldn't show any signs of anxiety or stress. Just happy pups, this make our job so much more pleasurable.

At Pampered Poochies we want the best for your puppy.
•    Best experience, 
•    Best puppy package
•    Best hair cut
•    Best support system
•    Best help and advice
•    Best grooming tips 
From 4 months old your puppy will need regular grooming appointment
We can only achieve the finished product by routine grooming, we recommend for the first year that your pup is groomed every 4 weeks
We have decided to introduce a rewards card, where you will receive a stamp with every groom. When your pup then reaches a year old, we will reward you for your regular attendance with a half price full groom
Little pup's, little minds, little attention
For the first year of your pup's life their brains are like sponges and they need to experience as much as possible and by keeping a good routine, this will be the backbone for their future grooming. This is vital as they could be needing to be groomed regularly for around the next 15 years.
From 16 weeks + on their first visits they will be introduced to the grooming salon atmosphere. This includes being bathed, dried with our quieter equipment to gradually get them desensitized to the salon noise and having their face, feet and bum trimmed too. We also clean their ears and check their nails.
By attending regular appointments, we will increase the amount of trimming that we need to do. As they get older, they should then be able to tolerate a full groom and feel at ease while having it done too

New in 2021! - Puppies Reward Plan

This is the rewards card you will be given to collect a stamp on with every groom
Puppy reward card front.PNG
Puppy reward card back.PNG
Puppy grooming tips pic.PNG

Click on the leaflet to download the full Puppy grooming guide on how to get you pooch use to being groomed at an early age

(free to download)

🐩 No job too tuff no dog too ruff 🐩

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