Plumpy Poochies Weight Woofer Clinic
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Did you know that nearly 60% of dogs and 40% of cats in the UK are currently overweight or obese?

Being a little overweight can lower your pet’s quality of life and can affect their ability to perform natural behaviours such as grooming or playing.  Like humans they can also suffer from many other associated diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, certain cancers, respiratory disease and many more.

Small everyday changes to your pet’s behaviour may also be noticeable at home, some of these include:

  • Not wanting to jump on the sofa or bed anymore

  • Difficulty using high sided litter trays getting stuck half in or out.

  • Difficulty climbing the stairs. Or 1 step out to the garden.

  • Difficulty breathing when just walking or playing a short time.

  • Heavier snoring. Spending more time sleeping or taking  themselves off to sleep and appearing more lazy.

  • Depression, often hiding away taking themselves off and not wanting to take part in family time 

We are here to help

We can offer advice if you suspect your pet may be carrying a little extra weight. There are many different reasons why your cats and dogs can become overweight so please don’t feel embarrassed or guilty. We are here to help, so book an appointment with our clinic today and we can show you how to recognise a healthy shape for your pet. With help on their dietary needs and exercise routine.

The type of advice we can offer varies and can include:

  • Advice on different types of food from complete meal to wet foods

  • Education on giving treats and using low calorie options

  • Advice on the most suitable diet for your cat or dog, depending on their size and age

  • Advice on the correct size portions for your pet based on age, size, breed and lifestyle  of your pet

  • Recommending interactive feeders or slow down bowls which encourage your cat or dog to work harder for their food. They also help to offer mental and physical stimulation.

  • Advice on a new exercise routine to help motivate your pet to earn their treats and encourage better feeding habits

  • Regular visits to be weighed with advice and answers to any questions with help to guide you and your pet back to a happier healthier size and weight

Where to start!

Firstly!! recognising that your pet needs help and you need advice is most definitely the first step, ask a member of staff to talk to you about our weight clinics. And getting you and your pet booked on our course is the next step.

 In the woofer clinic.

  • We have a new top of the range veterinary weighing scales

  • fully qualified staff trained in how to use and advise you on your pet’s ideal weight.

  • staff can educate you on your pets correct body score.  

  • fully qualified staff in health and nutrition.  

In the clinic on every visit will do -

  • a few health checks

  • weigh your pet

  • discuss a plan of action with a new dietary plan and exercise routine.

 A change of diet

A change in diet may be advised to assist with a safe weight loss; this could be based on your current regime or involve switching to a specially formulated diet. Prescription diet foods are high in fibre to help your pet feel fuller for longer. This helps to reduce begging behaviours and will also be lower in calories whilst still providing everything your pet needs from its food. Don’t worry though, just because it’s a diet food it doesn’t mean you necessarily feed less, sometimes the amounts are greater and the food is just as tasty for your pet.

Just losing 6% of the excess bodyweight will help make your cat or dog feel brighter, more energetic and improve their mobility.

When joining the clinic you will be provided with a stamp card in which will get stamped every time your pooch is weighed. When the stamp card is full you will pooch will qualify for a fantastic reward. 


We are here to help and advice you and your pet to a healthy happier life.

To help promote a healthy longer life for you to enjoy with your pet.

By keeping your pet’s weight in check, we are aiming to help them to stay fit in shape and live a happy longer life. Also, hopefully helping them avoid unnecessary harm and injury along the way.

For help and advice call  01384 310478 or 07812357872

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