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Do we groom pregnant dogs?

Yes we do. We always put the needs and the welfare firstly and foremost of any animal in our care. We understand that some animals may need grooming while being in  a delicate state of pregnancy. The gestation period of bitched is anything from 58 to 68 days. This depends on the size of the breed. We recommend that the customer tries to get there expecting dog groomed in the early stages of pregnancy, to give the coat a good cut or trim back. This will have many benefits, the mom to be can get use to the salon, groomer and the experience.The coat may not have grown back much at this point so when closer to the due date the next visit will be less to groom, taking half the time. We would where possible like to have already known the dog so we can notice any changes in their behavior and stress levels. As this can course problems and we need to make you aware of the consequences related to your dog being groomed while in later stage of pregnancy. We are not advised to groom your pregnant dog from 48 to 54 days pregnant.  Due to the vulnerable circumstances of being pregnant we have prepared a disclaimer form, that you will need to read through and sign before your dog is groomed. 

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Thinking about getting your pooch neutered?

Then let us know we can arrange a pre-opp groom as soon as you have spoken with your vets, and booked their operation. We will try to book your pooch in as close to the day as possible so that they feel the benefit of the groom.

The benefits from this groom is after their operation they will probably not be to happy with being messed with. For example: being brushed and groomed. Furthermore, if they need to wear a cone or a jacket this will cause knotting and matting in these areas. As soon as they have had the all clear then we can sort this out for them and give them a mini pamper to get them back to being knot-free. I have seen a number of young pooches come in after they have recovered ,having kept to their appointment booked weeks in advance  and we have had to do a very intensive groom, meaning a good close cut back which is then a longer and more intensive time on the table and as we all know some younger dogs have zero patience. Having appointments before and after the operation ,when the dog has had the all clear, will really help you younger dog to enjoy the grooms and will be less stressful for them after already having the serious operation. 

In addition to this, coat condition can change when having your young pooch neutered, this is often caused by the anaesthetic and can also be caused by the change of hormones levels too. The coat of your pooch can start to look dry, dull and excessive malting. By having them regularly groomed can potentially prevent this from happening long term however, with different breeds not all coat conditions can be recovered. To combat this problem your pooch may need to experience a different hair style or come to be groomed more regularly so that we can help you to keep on top of it.  

Another side affect of having your dog neutered can cause them to gain weight more easily, it is important for you at this time to take care on what you are feeding your dog as it can impact on their health hugely. Their diet may need to change to a more low calorie diet so that you pooch continues to have a comfortable weight. 


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