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Double Coated & Short Haired Breeds


This service is for short-haired dogs eg, Labradors, Rottweilers, Boxers or Beagles. I have decided to give these breeds their own service. I'm often hearing they have been groomed before, but the customers aren't happy. I am hearing things like. They still have lots of thick fur, they are losing more fur than before they were groomed, or they smell just a dirty even after a bath. So, I am going to explain why. These breeds have a very thick oily and often watertight coat. Making it hard to give them a good bath that goes through to the skin. So, they will need to be groomed first to loosen up their coat. So, it’s never going to be" just a bath". After the bath the conditioner will loosen the coat but not completely so in 2 to 3 days, they will lose more coat. So, you will get a second moult. After 4 to 5 days the coat will naturally re-oil to help keep them warm and for waterproofing. So, they will look greasy and often smell like a dirty dog again.



What is involved: We give them a pre- groom to loosen up the coat, A wet bath with a conditioner in the shampoo, while all soaped up there be given another groom to help remove more coat. then thoroughly rinsed. After we have removed most of the water using the shammy cloths, they will have a wet leave-in conditioner applied. While we use a blaster, which is a high-powered dryer to remove more lose water and fur they will be given a 3rd groom. Then dried either using the blaster or a large dryer. To finish they will be given their final gro                   om and a spritzer spay is used to make them smell lovely. There nails and ears are also checked and done. Our aftercare package is where we offer you a FREE return visit within 2 to 3 days to help remove the 2nd moult. Where we will apply more leave-in conditioner and re- blast their coat removing the rest of the moult. We can help with all this in this service.



This is a breed of dog that has a type pf coat that consists of two layers. Double coated dogs have a dense undercoat of short hairs that are woolly in texture under the top coat of long hair called guard hairs. 

This dense undercoat protects a dog from the both hot and cold temperatures and the top coat also helps to repel moisture and dirt. 

As fluffy and cuddly these breeds are, they do tend to shed a lot, so proper grooming is very important. By not keeping up with regular grooming the woolly undercoat will get caught in the top coat, resulting in matts and tangles. Although the coat will always shed, regular grooming sessions will keep this loss to a minimum also, they will look, feel and smell great!

Package 1:


This starts off with a pre-bath, brush, and grooms out, to remove as much dead coat as possible.

Then it's off to the wet bath where we use a deep cleaning shampoo to help remove all the ground in dirt from deep in the undercoat followed by a moisturising conditioner that is massaged into the coat using a zoom groom brush. This will help loosen up their woolly undercoat and help replace any oil lost from the shampoo.

We will then use a high-powered blaster drier, that will help remove any dead coat, excess water from deep down to the skin and help to thoroughly dry them.

They are then finished off been groomed and dried and any trimming that may be required they will also have a spritzer spray to help them smell fresh.



DC DB 1.jpg
DC DB 2.jpg

Package 2:


This would be a follow-up appointment in about 5/7 days’ time where we offer a dry groom.

At this appointment, your dog will have a wet conditioning spray applied and then we will groom them to remove any more coat that may have been too stubborn to remove and where the conditioner has now softened it up making it easier to remove now.

Click              to see more snapshots of our double coated poochies...

Why we DON'T shave double coated breeds!

This is a thermal image of a double coated dog where the back end of the dog has been shaved. 

The unshaved part around the head and chest shows his temperature at 24c, 75f (pink) and the lower back of the dog (yellow) shows his temperature at 30c, 86f.


The hair is there for several reasons, mainly for the thermal regulation. Shaving your dog does NOT make him cooler. By shaving these breeds you run a risk of ruining their coat and they can overheat or even get sunburn!


Here is our new double coated dog room...



We have now made a room especially for our  hairy breeds. This room includes all the best equipment to groom out double coated pooches . By having this extra room means that it is a quiet and stress free room for the dogs and contains all the hair that comes off them in one place. We have a hydraulic table in their also, to help the bigger breeds be more comfortable during the grooming process. 

๐Ÿฉ No job too tuff no dog too ruff ๐Ÿฉ

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