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Cat Grooming

Welcome to our Cat Room, this room has been created for all our fluffy felines to have their hair groomed in a stress-free environment. The room ensures the cats are kept separate to the barking dogs and the busy surroundings within the salon environment. The cat room is also a small enclosed space so that the cats are safe within this room and they cannot run off or escape the salon. It’s fitted with air conditioning to regulate the temperature inside the room and equipped with a radio for their comfort.

Do we groom cats?

YES, we do groom cats they're almost as popular as the dogs. We find we have weeks fully booked of cats this is often due to the weather as cats tend to lose their coat as the weather changes. If they are outside cats (these can be the ones that knot up quickly)and often have thicker fur than the indoor house cat (which still moult throughout the year due to central heating) but as these cats don't get wet as often we find there coat is more manageable, cats can come in with just a lot of dead coat that just need a good groom out, or the ones that hate being groomed and there's nothing but a good clip that will sort them out.

Cat Room Cat.jpg
cat room .jpg

Kitten Packages

From the age of 4-6months

We like to get cats into be groomed as early as possible, this is so that it makes them familiar with the procedure in the future and gets them use to the surroundings. When your kitten comes in for their first groom they will have a dry groom out with a fine comb and brush, their faces and ears will be cleaned, nails clipped and talc/chalk added to their coat to stop them going greasy after messing so much with their hair. A spritz spray will also be added after to make them smell nice. In addition to this we do advise that if you want your cat to be bathed frequently that we also bathe them when they first come in as a kitten. 

cat 3.jpg
kitty 1.jpeg
cat 4.jpg
Cat Package 1
From the age of 1

For this package your cat will need to be attending a grooming session every 4-6 weeks. These cats will probably have a lot of dead coat so will need a good groom and thin out. We commonly trim around their bums, down their pants (back legs ),trim there bib (under there chin), and often if they go out and don't like been groomed we can do an underbelly trim, as most cats hate there belly being groomed and sometimes get mud and twigs stuck in there. We also, check and clean their face and ears and clip their claws if necessary. 

Ginge Cat 1.jpg
Ginge Cat Mess 1.jpg

This is a long haired domestic cat that came into the salon for a regular groom out and the second photo is the hair that was groomed out of the cat. This just shows how although cats may not look like they need a brush deep down there dead coat will begin to matt if it is not stripped out at the appropriate time.  

Cat Package 2
From the age of 1

For this package your cat will need to be attending a grooming session every 3-6months. These will be the cats that have a few knots around there neck and ears where they like a fuss, and around there bum under their front legs, under their belly and down inside back legs. Some of these knots do groom out but sometimes we do have to shave as there are areas that can be very sensitive and the knots can be that tight that they are probably pulling on the cats' skin, We can also do an undercut for your cat to stop these knots returning in between grooms. Nails are checked and clipped if needed. In addition face and ears are checked and cleaned too

MC 2.jpg
MC 1.jpg

This is a Maine coon cat that came into the salon to have a regular groom out; this particular cat comes in every 6-8weeks to have her entire dead coat stripped out to prevent matting when their coat changes throughout the seasons. This cat has also had an undercut, its bib and bum trimmed to keep her neat and tidy too.

The is another Maine coon cat that came into the salon for a regular groom out however, this cat had no style of trimming, all of this fur that you see on the floor around the table was brushed out. This shows how although he didn’t appear to look like he had so much dead coat it all builds up and desperately needs stripping out to prevent matting.

MC 4.jpg
MC 3.jpg
Cat package 3
From the age of 1

For this package your cat needs to be attending  a grooming session every 6-12 months. These cats that come in between 6 to 12 months could be just full off the dead coat, but mostly we will find that the coat is very matted. If the cat likes been groomed we will always attempt groom this out. However, if they are to tight or very close to the skin we will have to shave them. This would be done with a surgical blade and be down to the skin. 

6mnth old white 2.jpg
6mnth old white.jpg
Short Hair Domestic Cats

Yes we also do the moggy cat. Just because they don't have long fluffy coats doesn't mean they don't shed or moult. Sometimes these cats can leave more hair and hairballs than the Persian cats can. With this service, we give them a good stripping to get all their dead coat out. We use a number of different tools that help remove this. We check/clean their ears and face and cut their nails if needed.

CAT 4.jpg
SHD 2.jpg
SHD 1.jpg

This is a short haired domestic cat that came into the salon to have her dead coat stripped out with our de-shedding equipment. The grooming process for this type of cat is less extreme however it just shows that it’s not just long haired breeds that require a groom.

The Lion Trim

This cut is where we shave the cat off using a longer blade. Mostly on the body under their belly down back legs, leaving the tail, head and feet. This trim would be done only if the customer asks for this due to the cat gets to stressed while been groomed, or for a medical reason. We do not recommend this as a fashion statement, or just because its cheaper or easier to maintain, or looks good. I believe they have this coat and fluffy fur for a reason

L T 2.jpg
L  T   1.jpg

The above picture is of a cat that came in for a ‘lion trim’ this style of trimming will only be done if the customer requested it due to the fact that it is an extreme trim on the cat and can stress them out during the process of being shaved. We do not recommend this trim as a fashion statement or just because it is cheaper/easier to maintain. I believe that cats have their coat and long fluffy fur for a reason.  However if the cat has been long overdue a groom and they are brought in solidly full of mats this style of trimming may be the only option to take but, then have a fresh start and come in for regular grooms so that the cats hair can fully grow back to a long natural coat knot free.

The Teddy Bear Trim

This cut is where we trim them all over leaving about an inch on to give them the teddy bear appearance. They have a rounded trimmed face and the tail is lightly trimmed too to match the body. This can only be achieved if your cat is knot and mat free. This trim should last around 6-8 weeks

Bathing Cats 
(Medical reasoning or they have been coming to us from a young age for a bath)
bath 3.jpg
bath 3.jpg

The above cat came into the salon to have a bath, this is not a common procedure as most cats bathe themselves, however this cat was recommended by a vet because she had a bad skin complaint so she was bathed in a medicated shampoo prescribed from the vets. The picture of the fur is the dead coat that was stripped out before the bath. Again this just shows that short haired domestic cats also moult and get knotty. We also bath cats if they have been coming to us from a young age, this is so they can get use to the procedure and you can make it a routine groom for them.

Bath Only.jpg
Cats Nails

Do we cut cats nails? 

We are often asked this question and, yes we do. 

There can be many reasons for why we do cut cats nails and why we sometimes advise that it is not necessary. Cutting cat nails can be vital if they do not keep them down themselves however if they do we do not recommend that we trim them too. Longer nails are more often in older cats who are no longer bothering to go outside or use a scratching post. By them not wearing the nails down it can result in them curling over and damaging their pads and becoming ingrown what could cause infection and soreness. As seen in the pictures below.


How can cats keep their nails down themselves?

Cats can naturally wear their nails down either with a scratching post that you can buy or when they go outside they can overtime be worn down by climbing trees and fences and generally scratching on rougher surfaces. By a cat sharpening their claws, it helps them to defend themselves, hunt and climb. Also by having scratching post in your house it can promote the outer layer of the cats claw to shed leaving behind a stronger sharper version underneath. Cats claws have many layers and by scratching it breaks off dead shells revealing more healthier stronger nails.


Where on the nails to cut?

Cat claws are actually retractable, which means they are only viewable when they are extended. They usually don’t touch the ground and don’t naturally wear out as they do for dogs. It is, therefore, necessary for them to sharpen their claws or have them clipped to maintain them. To be able to cut your cats claws you will need press slightly on top of the toe to extend the claw outwards. It is important not to catch the quick when trimming the cats claw as this can result in bleeding. In the picture below it shows a safe place to trim too.

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Cat Reviews

Excellent service been using Pampered Poochies for my cats for the past 14 years

J. Whittington

๐Ÿฉ No job too tuff no dog too ruff ๐Ÿฉ

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