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Dog Golden Oldies

So, who is a ‘Golden Oldie’?

Any pooch over the age of 10 we class as one of our golden oldies and we love them just as much as the puppies. They are set in their own old ways and if their having a off day they love to let us know. By taking time and giving them that extra time to do things at their own pace we finally get the best result.

Like the young ones they often need a little doggy nap either halfway through or after we have finished, they also love a little massage while been bathed and really love a facial.


What is involved?

Like all our other services we do the same, warm wet bath with a conditioner we include the head and back massage, we towel dry then finish with the hand driers and then the grooming and trimming.


Throughout this whole process they are supported by another member of staff this person will help hold them, talk to them, reassure them if frightened and be their moral support. Often by this age they cannot stand unsupported for any length of time, they can be very shakey on their legs and may be either or both blind and deaf. As soon as they are finished we find them a nice warm quite place to sleep it off and call for you to come back, like human the OAP’s they start to worry and get restless so it’s important to come back ASAP so their wait is over and they can go home back to their comfortable surroundings.

How often should we get our old dog groom?

We recommend you keep the same number of weeks between each groom and time as they have always been dogs throughout life and do need to stay in a routine. This way our place is known to them everything is in the same place the smells are the same and they will know why they are here and what is going to be happening. Above everything they love to be clean and tidy they do not want to smell or make you feel they are smelling out your house

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old 5.jpg

What type of groom will they have?

This all depends on the breed of dog and how you have always had them trimmed before we recommend if their coat is starting to go thin in places we will adapted our style to keep more fur on for warmth, in the colder months we notice their fur doesn’t grow as quickly as they age and often grows different or grows more in other places. We would tidy this up. We would also recommend a sanitary hygiene trim around they bum and private to help reduce the smell from accidents that will occur if they are not able to bend or hold their selves. This would make it easier for you to keep clean and will dry quicker if u need to bath your dog because of accidents between grooms.

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old 3.jpg
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In the event of this happening to your golden oldie please inform us to stop any further correspondents for appointments. Click                          for keepsake information, we may only have keepsakes for long term regular oldies.

๐Ÿฉ No job too tuff no dog too ruff ๐Ÿฉ

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