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In Loving Memory

Leaflets are now available in shop regarding Losing Love ones.

A keepsake, something special, we will “keep safe for you”

As many of you know I have multiple dogs, but still, It Is never easy to cope with the loss of that special friend. How I cope Is knowing what has happened was for the best. I think back to how I felt and coped with this to help others, this is how a little piece of my friend's fur I keep along with their old leads and collars even the coats or a special toy.

I have started over the last year to keep some of the fur off some of the elderly dogs that I groom, I’ve put It In a little envelope and put It save, It started just been my dogs fur then I thought what If others would like or even need this to help them to, so I have.

This leaflet Informs you, that this can be done for your special friend too. I remember back to that time with my elderly dog. I remember how sad, confused I was all the questions going throw my head why, how come, is this the right thing to do, Is the timing right, Is enough an enough. In that very dark upsetting time and a confused state of mind I couldn’t think of anything let alone some of her fur, she was gone in a flash took away I went home sat there and thought OMG. But then remembered I’d took some of her fur years ago and left it in the draw. When I went to work and found It. I had great comfort I had something to remind me, something physical that was still her right there in my hand. As hard as It was to say goodbye, I know I loved her, and she loved me.

This, I see every day with your dog’s when we take them off you, they look back unsure of what Is going on. But when we tell them you’re on your way I see their faces light up. when you walk back through the door, we see just how much they love you, It’s not unconditional love It’s much more. So I know how hard It Is, I want you to know what you’ve had to do for your friend we know they know It was right and that you always loved them and we know they loved you too.

If you would like me to keep some of your dog’s fur at any time they come to visit just ask, you don’t have to take it then we can” keep it safe” until you need it back however long that may be.

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