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Gastro virus bug going round!!!

***PLEASE SHARE*** A nasty gastro virus that in flames the gut is sweeping through the Midlands, making dogs extremely ill. We have had no warnings, no local news coverage and i have seen nothing on social media. My 2 dogs became terribly ill, one was hospitalised 2 days ago, and is still in hospital. I now know of several vets in the Cannock, Hednesford and Penkridge area that are seeing a large amount of sick dogs. This is a warning to all dog owners. If you experience any of the following, visit your vet ASAP. Although they may sound like your usual symptoms, trust me, theres a high chance right now that your dog may have the virus: *Vomiting *Panting *Shaking *Diarrhoea *No appetite *Pain *Discomfort *Lethargic *Bloody vomit *Bloody diarrhoea At my vets alone, my Lottie isn't the only dog that is currently hospitalised with this virus. I can't give a specific number, all i know is that there's "quite a few". This isn't a post to scare anybody, its simply to get this out there, so owners can take extra precautions to protect their dogs. Washing feet after walks and vet visits, limiting contact with other dogs, even if they look well, and avoid the sniffing of lamp posts or places dogs are prone to urinate. I had to take my other dog to the vets again today, for another anti sickness injection. All 3 people in the waiting room were there for the same reason i was. Please take extra care everybody. I know it cant be prevented as such (unless you keep your dogs at home) but just knowing what is clearly a problem in our area right now is valuable information. What my 2 doggies and i have been through this past week, and are continuing to go through is beyond horrendous.... Take care everyone xxx 🐕❤ ♡ Sending love and strength to the young lady who lost her dog to this virus 1 month ago ♡

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